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Cape Pool Loungers

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The Cape Sun lounger is stackable and comes with hidden wheels and anti-slippery rubbers. It is made of durable weather-resistant resin. Non metallic frame will never unravel, rust or decay. It is UV protected which insures the colors will not fade. For outdoor use.


180cm Length x 70cm Height x 72cm Width

Cleaning Instructions:

NOTE: Never Use, Abrasive Cleaner, furniture polish oil, varnish or ammonia water/products. Cleaning may not remove every stain, fading or wear. However, you will be able to maintain Your furniture longer by removing spills immediately and dusting regularly. General warnings: Do not use abrasive products like acetone's, bleaches, solvents, etc. Specific use and care instructions: Clean the product with a wet cloth dampened in a mild cleaner and dry immediately. Dust it with a duster. Specific use and care instructions for outdoor: Store the furniture in a dry indoor place. If you want to leave it outdoors, protect it with a waterproof cover in autumn, winter and rainy season.


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