Our journey

Vine & Co Interiors was established to create a safe environment in which clients could purchase interior pieces – with peace of mind and reassurance that all the products we offer are of the best quality.

After being in the construction industry for more than five years, I found my passion in interior design. I had the excellent opportunity to work with a highly skilled interior decorator for a few years.

She inspired me to the point that I started my studies in interior design and décor. Starting my own business was the natural next step.My focus is to help clients to create their dream space to portray their unique design language.

Our surroundings play an important part in how we feel, and I want to help you to create a dream sanctuary in your own home – a space where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work. At Vine & Co, we hope to inspire you to create your dream space!

René Fourie

Our founder

Rene Fourie
Founder & Interior Decorator

  • Great quality products

    Bespoke custom-made furniture

  • Door to door delivery

    A lead time of 7-14 days

  • User friendly online store

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